Let's Work Together

Congratulations Northern Truss!

We are very proud to have helped you diversify, grow and create jobs!


We understand that small businesses like Northern Truss drive our economy and allow residents to live, work and play in the best backyard on the planet. 

Kapuskasing and area is vibrant and has all the amenities associated with an urban centre. Our economic growth is reflected in the continual development and expansion of its commercial and industrial sectors.  This is an excellent indicator of our region’s status and vision. 

We are strategically located in the middle of Northern Ontario, Kapuskasing and area is a hub of economic activity on the Trans-Canada highway (Hwy 11).

With direct rail access to the east, west, and south into the U.S., and daily scheduled commuter air service, our region is a sought-after community in which to do business.


With its bilingual and skills-based workforce, unsurpassed quality of life, and affordable serviced industrial land, we are the ideal place to invest.

Open for Business

Led by progressive municipalities, dedicated economic development corporations and a dynamic Chamber of Commerce, Kapuskasing and area is truly... open for business! 

Come and see for yourself the investment opportunities that await you!

Agriculture - Northern Expansion

Airport Business Park

Mining Supply & Services

Renewable Energy

Recognizing Greatness

We value our dynamic leaders and businesses.  That's why, every year, we make sure they know it. 

The Kapuskasing & District Chamber of Commerce recognizes local businesses and individuals who have demonstrated continued success and strong community involvement during its Business Awards Gala (B.A.G.). Join us!