Chamber Member of the Week: Circle Confectionary

March 29, 2019

In operation for nearly 30 years now, Circle Confectionary is located in the heart of the circle in Kapuskasing. For 26 years it was operated by Guy and Lucie Morin, until Feb 2016 when Luc and Julie Dinnissen purchased the family run business.


                When you walk into Circle Confectionary the first thing you will notice is the friendly and helpful staff, that’s because customer service is very important to the Circle C owners. If you are an early riser, you may even meet Guy (Julie’s dad) who spends part of his retirement helping the new owners with the family business. In today’s fast paced environment, most customers spend a short time in the store walking the aisles searching for dairy, meat, grab and go items and snacks before they continue on with their busy schedule, ensuring you have positive experience is key to customer retention. Whatever the size of your purchase, treating everyone with courtesy and respect is very important, “We want your experience to be a positive one before you move on with the rest of your day.” say its owners.


When most people describe corner stores they will likely mention items like Tobacco, Lottery and sweets but if you take a few extra minutes you will quickly notice Circle C offers much more. In addition to its diverse dry goods section, they have added a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats to go along regional products from Dabrowski’s Smoked Meats, Toffanello’s Fresh Pasta and Real McCoy Wild Rice.

In the spring, summer and fall they offer a large variety of cool treats. In addition to its delicious soft serve they offer over 20 different varieties of ice cream and slushies, newly added frozen yogurt and its one of kind “squishy” (slush and soft serve). In fact the ice cream is so popular you can find your favourite summer flavour in a take home cup during the winter months. Why? “Because our customers requested it.” says the owners.

Circle Confectionary likes to put its customers at the forefront, which is why they are open 365 days a year from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm (reduced hours on Xmas and New Year). When a customer requests an item, Luc and Julie work diligently to source the specific item. Being an independent store can make sourcing new items difficult. Luckily over its 30 years in business, Circle C has been able to create and maintain excellent relationships with a variety of suppliers who are eager to help find the requested items so its customers can walk away happy.


 On your next or even your first visit, take a few minutes and walk the aisles and you will quickly notice Circle Confectionary is more than just a corner store!




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