Chamber of Commerce hosts its 51st Gala

The Kapuskasing & District Chamber of Commerce (KDCC) held its 51st Annual General Meeting this past Saturday at the Centre de Loisirs.

The gala featured cocktails and hors d’oeuvres followed by the main course and silent auction.


Later in the evening, members were treated to a special presentation by a motivational speaker.


Back by popular demand, Patrick Leroux gave a comic, yet informative, presentation on the keys to success by adapting how you communicate with others.


According to Leroux, every individual has one dominant personality colour out of four; red, yellow, green or blue.


Red personalities are leaders and ambitious but can be controlling and insensitive. Yellow personalities are very social and creative but can be disorganized and disloyal. Green personalities are usually patient and sensitive but can lack leadership and tend to procrastinate. Blue personalities are analytical and intelligent but can be stubborn and distant.


Leroux explained that one key to a successful business is knowing how to communicate with your customer based on their personality style.


“Even over the phone you will be able to tell if that person is red, yellow, blue or green,” he said. “You can learn how to adapt in order to better communicate with that person.”


Better communication will inevitably lead to better business he explained.


For example, if a ‘red’ personality walks into your store, make sure to give them two options so that they feel in control. ‘Yellow’ personalities love novelty so make sure to let them know what’s new and exciting. ‘Green’ personalities tend to be more family focused so acknowledge how the purchase would benefit their family. And, ‘blue’ personalities rely heavily on facts and proof.


Near the end of his presentation Leroux had some audience members doubled over in laughter with video clips of over exaggerated personality styles.


Improving communication based on different personality styles is only one of many presentation subjects Leroux offers for public and private events.


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